Why you don’t want just Bitcoin

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3 min readAug 24, 2020

By Ed Ludbrook, Dacxi CEO

If you talk about the crypto-assets world, you normally have to talk about Bitcoin. It’s two thirds of the market buy value. To the world, Bitcoin is crypto. Many exchanges talk only of Bitcoin. Their marketing says, ‘Buy Bitcoin here’, ignoring the fact that they also list many other cryptos.

So many people proudly tell me, ‘Yes I own Bitcoin!’

I ask, ‘Is that all the crypto you own?’

They normally look at me quizzically and reply ‘Yes.’

So, I say ‘Bad luck’. They frown.

Buying just Bitcoin simply shows you are ignorant of crypto OR, most likely, have been badly advised.

Invest to Build Wealth versus Gambling.

Today there are 6,527 listed crypto-assets on exchanges around the world. Bitcoin is just one.

People who buy just Bitcoin probably know nothing about the market and lack confidence. They buy the ‘big boy’ Bitcoin and hope for the best. They are NOT investing in crypto to build wealth. They are gambling, as surely as if they were buying a lottery ticket.

Recent British government research showed more than 50% of all crypto buyers own less than 260 pounds of crypto. They went onto an exchange, most likely Coinbase, and had a bet. And Coinbase did not stop them making this mistake. Coinbase does not help educate their customers, their mission is helping people transact — buy and sell. Not helping them win.

This is also why they probably spent a few hundred or thousand. It’s a ‘punt’. Something they can afford to lose so it’s nothing that will ever impact their wealth. They want to believe the stories where people make 10,000% on their investment in crypto, even though they don’t realise this ‘win’ was from a very different era. People hoping for such returns are gambling.

Three Rules for Success.

If you are ignorant about a new asset class and want to succeed, then the FIRST RULE of investing is DIVERSIFY. Don’t buy just one asset. So don’t just buy Bitcoin!

SECOND RULE is to buy only Blue Chips. The big valuation and high liquidity assets. This means focus on ONLY the top 10 of 6,527 crypto-coins!

THIRD RULE is invest enough to make a difference. A few hundred should only be a first purchase to see how the system works, then you need to buy enough to make a difference when price moves.

The graph below shows the percentage of total market capitalisation of crypto based on each asset. The big one is Bitcoin. It used to be 95% of the total market. When the first Crypto boom hit in 2017, its proportion dropped to 37%. This means the market boomed and the other assets, mainly the Blue Chips grew faster. In the Crypto-winter, people got scared and focused on Bitcoin, now, as the next big boom is coming, they are buying the Blue Chip coins. Ethereum, the second largest coin has grown 100% faster than Bitcoin.

Buy the Smartest Portfolio of Blue Chip Coins.

This means — in a boom for the biggest rewards with the lowest risk — you need to buy a Portfolio of the Blue Chip coins, NOT just Bitcoin.

This is why Dacxi has ONLY promoted a Blue Chip Bundle since 2018. We pioneered this. And for more than 20 months, the Dacxi Bundle has performed a lot better than Bitcoin.

Research proves that the Dacxi Three Blue Chip Coin bundle has performed better than a potential Ten Blue Chip Coin Bundle. Simpler, Safer, Smarter.

If you want to own crypto, the best programme to own is a Dacxi Bundle. Fact. Don’t just buy Bitcoin.



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