Why Tokenized Global Crowdfunding?

The tokenization of equity shares makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to invest any amount they choose. This unlocks a massive, global pool of investors. So entrepreneurs can access more capital, more easily and more quickly. And everyday investors can access investment opportunities across borders, building a diverse portfolio in the process.


Traditional equity investing usually sees investments locked up for years, or until company founders decide to sell. The Dacxi Chain solves this liquidity issue. Through the process of tokenization, equity can be quickly and easily bought and sold through the Dacxi Chain’s network of global exchanges.


The use of blockchain technology offers investors and entrepreneurs an unprecedented level of transparency and security. And the Dacxi Chain’s embedded due diligence process offers investors validation in the growth potential of the company they invest in. So they can make smarter, better-informed investment decisions.

The Dacxi Chain is powered by its native cryptocurrency, Dacxi Coin. Dacxi Coin is a utility token, used to pay Dacxi blockchain fees, staking, and governance. It’s also the Dacxi Chain’s exchange currency — harnessing the power of crypto to increase the liquidity of global investments.

To learn more about the Dacxi Chain and the Dacxi Coin, head over to https://dacxichain.com/



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