Why Give Crypto Instead of Goats This Christmas

Back in 2010, my Gran bought me a goat for Christmas. No kid-ing. I was feeling slightly underwhelmed until a friend of mine noted that her grandmother had sent her a cat calendar for the previous year as a festive gift. I now felt better about the goat.

Let’s face it, Christmas time and the gift conundrum is a perilous trip into the world of absolutely useless items purchased and given in the name of festive cheer. Seriously though, what was your mother thinking when she purchased the ‘Donald Trump nut cracker’ for your sister and the ‘belly button brush kit’ for your brother? 30 seconds of cracking good entertainment to be followed by a trip to the rubbish tip a few days later with a battery of unwanted gifts to swell the local landfill.

Sound familiar?

Back to the goat. OK so it was not an actual physical goat that my grandmother sent me. It was in fact a card from Oxfam telling me that my gran had bought a goat as my Christmas present to others less fortunate, and I was now changing lives in Vanuatu.

The idea that I was ‘changing lives felt damn good. We do of course need to quickly gloss over the issue of animal rights and the methane-oozing, ozone-depleting natural disaster that is precipitated with the deployment of thousands of extra goats on the planet. But in the name of self-righteousness and do-gooding , long may the Christmas goat gimmick continue.

There is of course an alternative to giving goats at Christmas that can radically ‘change lives’ without inducing the hazard of a natural environmental disaster.

And that my friends is the gift of crypto.

If only my Gran had known about Bitcoin in 2010. A simple outlay of $49 in Bitcoin in 2010 instead of buying a goat would today be worth about $105,000,000. Without wanting to sound ungrateful and uncharitable to Granny, $49 of bitcoin would have been ‘life changing’ to me.

Bitcoin (like goat gifting) can be purchased online, requires no wrapping, and no losing your mind in the Christmas crowds amidst a background of Michael Bublé singing ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’.

OK, now let’s cut the Christmas wrap and get to the real reasons why purchasing crypto for your loved ones may just be the best present you could ever buy.

Crypto Is Here To Stay And You Need To Buy Now

It is the firm belief of many noted business and financial experts that crypto is here to stay and will inevitably boom again as crypto assets start to increasingly influence our world. ‘Oh’, I hear you cry…. ‘But crypto is so speculative and volatile.’ BIG TIP — anything you are able to buy into at ground level always presents a risk, but nobody ever got rich buying at the top of the market when a concept has already become self-evident, proven and accepted. The time to buy is when something that looks as if it could be monumentally huge is in the early stages, and that time for crypto assets is now.

How Do Crypto Assets Stack Up Against Traditional Assets?

Let’s look at the traditional alternatives to crypto-currency that exist right now, i.e. stocks and shares, property and the lottery (seriously, this is a legitimate investment strategy for millions of people!). The global stock market is currently in turmoil and not likely to recover anytime soon. Billions have been wiped off the value of the traditional tech darlings this year such as Netflix, Amazon, Google and Facebook. Meanwhile property has also dipped and economists and market analysts expect a decline in prices to continue for the coming year or two. And as for lottery tickets, they still continue to have the worst ROI of all! All things considered, traditional realms are looking a bit challenged.

The reality is that as risky as a new experimental and open source blockchain technology sounds, if you had bought Bitcoin for the last 5 years, you would have seen a 22,000% return on investment. If that money had been put in tech stocks, you might get a return of 100% at the upper end.

I must also add here that in the case of Bitcoin, there are only ever going to be 21 million of them and at least 4 million of those are thought to be lost, which leaves say 16 to 17 million in circulation. So Bitcoin is limited, scarce in fact, unlike fiat currency where you can just print more at random; but Bitcoin — there will only be 21 million — ever. And that means if it becomes one of the leading proponents in global payments, it could be worth many trillions and extremely valuable indeed.

Governments and Regulators are Becoming More Accepting of Crypto

But is crypto still a thing? Well governments, banks and institutions now seem to think so. Governments and regulators like the US SEC are now beginning to clearly state what they expect regarding crypto and they are very serious about bringing clarity to the space. That shift in attitude, from denouncing all cryptocurrencies as the devil’s work, to stating that they are ready get behind genuine crypto, is bringing composure to the space and encouraging mainstream adoption. If we also throw in an ETF approval from the SEC, which many believe is imminent, then you can definitely dump the goat for Christmas because you just might be flying to the moon instead.

Big Institutions Make Their Move

Probably the most significant indicator for a new crypto boom is that large financial institutions have finally entered the fray and are romping ahead in developing crypto products. Goldman Sachs, Fidelity and Blackrock have all recently announced their entry into the crypto asset space, launching trading desks, crypto funds and custodial services.

Some other exciting news this week from Singapore reports that the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Heliconia Capital Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Government state fund Temasek, have made seed investments in iStox, a platform for issuing and trading blockchain security tokens. This is incredibly important because this development brings great credibility to the crypto market and my guess is that stock exchanges across Asia will soon follow suit, developing platforms to trade crypto.

Christmas is Coming

OK so back to Christmas. What are you going to buy the person that has everything? How can goats, socks and cookbooks even come close to competing with the possibilities and uniqueness of gifting a modest sum of cryptocurrency? Not only would you look like the very cool, savvy uncle/ mother/boyfriend/who has thought completely outside the square, but you could potentially be gifting a gift that truly keeps on giving. Of course, it’s impossible to predict price changes around crypto, but what if you gave a gift that could 10x in value?

Cryptocurrencies To Look Out For

So what would be the best cryptocurrencies for you to consider buying for Christmas? While there are over 1500 coins listed in the market today, some of the major coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum remain a staple for many new buyers. There are also other exciting and upcoming alternatives, such as the DAC coin. Given the huge strides being taken by the industry, the value of these coins will remain largely stable and subject to gradual appreciation.

Dacxi Bundle

The question you may be asking yourself now is ‘how do I buy crypto for Christmas’. Buying n a cryptocurrency has always been a daunting task for new beginners with little technical know-how. But you don’t have to be worried about that anymore! The Dacxi bundle offers a simple and convenient way for new entrants to buy digital assets, either for yourself or your loved ones.

The Dacxi bundle offers a diversified portfolio of some of the most trusted cryptocurrencies to minimize risks for new buyers. On purchasing the Dacxi bundle users take a stake in four major cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and DAC (which is the resident coin for the Dacxi ecosystem). With zero transaction fees and enhanced security protocols, you can’t go wrong with the Dacxi bundle. Additionally, the Dacxi community is geared towards embracing newcomers and empowering users to attain financial empowerment.


Whether you are gifting crypto to yourself or those close to you, the ultimate time to buy digital assets was ten years ago, but the next best time is now. As a Christmas gift, a bundle of the top crypto assets may just be the perfect choice as its value proposition speaks for itself. With simple and exciting innovations such as the Dacxi bundle, Christmas this year could be an absolute doozy. And the best thing is there won’t be a goat or a Donald Trump nutcracker in sight!

Spare a thought for the landfill and have yourself a very merry crypto Christmas!

For additional information and investment strategies visit the Dacxi website here.



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