What’s Next for Crypto: The Latest News, Merge Update, And Much More

We’re at a very interesting place in the evolution of blockchain technology.

While cryptocurrencies are giving us a bit of a bumpy ride at the moment, the adoption of other forms of blockchain-based technology is accelerating rapidly. We’re seeing the emergence of exciting new businesses all over the world that use the unique capabilities of blockchain to do things that have never been possible before.

A perfect example is our own Dacxi Chain — the world’s first global equity crowdfunding network. It connects investors with entrepreneurs using smart contracts and other trustless blockchain processes. We’re currently planning the official launch of Dacxi Chain in November, but already there’s a huge amount of buzz about it — especially in the Dacxi Coin community. Once the Dacxi Chain is up and running globally, demand for Dacxi Coin is expected to be huge. Visit our new Dacxi Chain website and get the full story on this exciting new venture — a blockchain-based initiative that we think could change the world.

The Ethereum Merge is a success!

The Merge has brought down Ethereum’s energy consumption by 99.98%, which will lower global energy consumption by 0.2%! Hopefully, that will make governments and institutions more receptive to Ethereum. Already Norway, which is a leader in sustainable energy usage, has chosen Ethereum to build its Central Bank Digital Currency.

The temporary pause on deposits and withdrawals of Ethereum (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens has been lifted. You can now deposit, withdraw and trade ETH and ERC-20 tokens as normal. Thank you for your patience during this time!

Weekly highlights

Bitcoin update

A roller coaster ride for Bitcoin this week. Early on, Bitcoin benefited from bullish momentum and pushed higher to the $22,630 level. Then mid-week selling caused the price to drop by 11.95% to $19,650 where support slowed the fall.

Dacxi’s market analysis is produced in partnership with Zerocap, a leading market analyst and crypto asset trader.

Ethereum update

On the 15th of September, the Ethereum merge occurred, shifting the dominant blockchain’s consensus layer from proof of work to proof of stake. The event was highly successful with 96% of Ethereum’s proof of stake blocks in the first 2 epochs (6.4 minutes) being confirmed by over 66% of active validators. This time requirement stems from the point at which a block is finalized on Ethereum, occurring when a block of transactions cannot be reversed. For some background info check out our blog on The Merge.

Dacxi’s market analysis is produced in partnership with Zerocap, a leading market analyst and crypto asset trader.

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