What are the technical specialties of the Dacxi Chain and how does it outperform other popular chains?

Source: Investing.com

If other popular blockchain solutions are like Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), the Dacxi Chain is like LinkedIn. Rather than a general solution (i.e. Facebook is for everyone), it’s a niche specialist solution designed for a specific use (i.e. LinkedIn is for business people).
Underneath the hood, the technology may be similar, yet the actual application for the customer is fundamentally different. With the Dacxi Chain, we’re creating a blockchain-based solution to connect companies that want to fund their growth with investors that want to make money investing in those companies.

This is the future of crypto/blockchain technology and the fundamental difference between Crypto 3.0 and Crypto 4.0.

Crypto 4.0 will be the era of specialist customer-focused solutions, rather than just technology. Remember that crypto usage is still nearly completely internally focused on the crypto world. DeFi are crypto people trading crypto with other crypto people on decentralized exchanges. Or lending crypto to other crypto people that trade crypto on crypto exchanges. Crypto 4.0 is about bringing crypto to the mainstream market.



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