What are Dacxi’s goals, and what are the steps we’re taking to achieve them?

Source: Investing.com

Our timeline to realise the tokenized crowdfunding vision, at scale, is 2–3 years. This is fast, but in saying that, the world of blockchain moves incredibly fast.

We have a clear set of milestones to realise our vision. Firstly, build the customer base in our foundation markets of the UK and Australia, and with it, refine our growth blueprint. Next, expand our footprint into key regions and markets around the world, all the time growing our global customer base of investors. Third, launch our own blockchain: the Dacxi Chain. This is the blockchain on which our tokenized crowdfunding marketplace will operate. Lastly, launch Dacxi tokenized crowdfunding globally.

Today, we have successfully established growth businesses in the UK and Australia. In 2022 we will take our growth blueprint — including a localised platform, marketing, and customer support — into a number of new markets. This will set us up to launch the Dacxi Chain in 2022; and with it, our global tokenized crowdfunding system.



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