Walking Our Walk: How and why Dacxi Chain is crowdfunding itself on its own network

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We’re in an era of unprecedented innovation. From aviation to healthcare, retail to finance, it seems almost every industry on earth is in the midst of profound disruption. This disruption is driven by revolutionaries who see the opportunity for change, and grab it with both hands. The crowdfunding industry is no different. The revolutionary force transforming it is called the Dacxi Chain.

Dacxi Chain is the world’s premier global equity crowdfunding network. Powered by blockchain technology, Dacxi Chain connects the world’s numerous disparate crowdfunding platforms into one singular network. In doing so, it unlocks a whole new level of early-stage investment. Taking opportunities once restricted to the financial elite, and delivering them into the hands of the everyday investor.

With Dacxi Chain, we’re on a mission to revolutionize crowdfunding. We believe that mission starts with us. So we’re making Dacxi Chain the first-ever deal to launch on our own network. And here’s why and how we’re doing it.

Why We’re Crowdfunding Ourselves

We’ve developed a state-of-the-art crowdfunding network. And now, we’re standing on that very platform, using it to fuel our own growth. Why? Because, quite simply, we know it works.

Crowdfunding Dacxi Chain via Dacxi Chain itself isn’t just a strategic play, or a way to raise capital. It’s us walking our own walk. It’s a testament to our unwavering belief in Dacxi Chain. It’s the very embodiment of our vision; to democratize global equity crowdfunding.

With this bold venture, we’re setting an important precedent. We’re showcasing the efficacy of our solution, demonstrating its robustness and practicality. And we’re opening doors for investors; providing them with the unique opportunity to share in our vision and invest in our future.

In the words of our CEO, Ian Lowe, “We’re not just crowdfunding, we’re redefining the investment journey. We’re showing the world that Dacxi Chain is more than just a platform; it’s an avenue for change, innovation, and growth.”

How We’re Crowdfunding Ourselves

Now that we’ve covered the ‘why’, let’s look at the details of the ‘how’. Harnessing the power of Dacxi Chain, we’ve created a seamless and straightforward crowdfunding experience. The process is transparent, efficient, and highly accessible, encouraging active participation from a diverse set of investors.

We’ve taken our commitment to accessibility and diversity a step further by teaming up with our foundation partners. With our Dacxi Chain HQ based in Australia, signing up with Equitise was a logical first step. Equitise is an Australian platform renowned for its diligence and devotion to democratizing investment. This partnership not only enhances our credibility, but also opens us up to a broader base of potential investors.

Once the Dacxi Chain deal is live on Equitise, it will then be shared with Angels Den in the UK. As highly reputable platforms, these partnerships will increase our campaign’s visibility and amplify our reach. It’s all part of our plan to reach as many potential investors as possible, so we can truly kick-start the democratization of equity crowdfunding.

Every step of our crowdfunding journey will be showcased on Dacxi Chain itself. We believe this open book approach is the best way to assure our investors of the reliability and accountability that Dacxi Chain brings to equity crowdfunding.

The Impact of Our Crowdfunding Initiative

This isn’t just another crowdfunding campaign. It’s a game-changer. By crowdfunding ourselves on our own platform, we’re illustrating the immense potential and scalability that Dacxi Chain brings to the crowdfunding landscape.

As we grow and evolve, so will our impact. Not just on our investors, but on the entire global equity crowdfunding ecosystem. Our goal is to break down investment barriers and make equity crowdfunding accessible to all. So we can give everyday people access to an unprecedented level of investment opportunity. And in the process, unleash the potential of thousands of early-stage companies seeking funding.

You’re Invited to Join Our Journey

One of the best parts of crowdfunding ourselves this way is that it gives you the chance to join us on this extraordinary journey. By investing in Dacxi Chain, you aren’t just funding our growth. You’re participating in a revolutionary movement, and sharing in our vision for a more democratic investment landscape.

You can hear more about our journey in this video below from our CEO, Ian Lowe —, where he shares the news that Dacxi Chain will be the first-ever deal launched on our network. Or, to join us in this exciting era, visit our invest page.

Final Thoughts

As we pioneer the future of equity crowdfunding, we’re not just raising funds. We’re raising expectations, standards, and possibilities. We’re rewriting the rules of the crowdfunding landscape, and leading by example.

The revolution is here, and we’re in the driver’s seat. Offering you the chance to join us for the ride, and take part in this seismic shift. Together, let’s democratize investing, fuel growth, and set innovation free.

Are you ready to walk the walk, with Dacxi Chain?

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