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2 min readMay 19, 2023

We’re thrilled to share with you our latest podcast episode featuring an enlightening discussion with our very own CEO, Ian Lowe.

Ian shed light on the transformative future of equity crowdfunding and we believe it’s crucial for you to stay ahead of the curve.

The Power of Network Effect

During our conversation, we delved into the powerful concept of the Network Effect and Metcalf’s Law. This principle, essentially stating that the value of a network is exponentially tied to its user base, is at the heart of our vision for equity crowdfunding as a decentralized network.

Blockchain and Tokenization: The Game Changers

One of the standout moments of our chat was understanding the game-changing role of Blockchain and Tokenization in Equity Crowdfunding. Ian explains how tokenization can transform equity ownership, solving a major issue facing investors in privately-held companies — liquidity. With tokenized equity, we can establish a digital, legally-binding record of ownership that’s tradeable on secondary markets. This approach can fast-track the mainstream acceptance of equity crowdfunding. The future Ian envisions, with tokenization as ubiquitous as the internet was 20 years ago, is truly electrifying.

Dacxi Chain’s Progress and Future Plans

We also received an exciting update on the Dacxi Chain’s progress. The team is nearing the completion of their minimum viable product (MVP), with an announcement anticipated later this quarter. Ian outlined the three-stage expansion plan for Dacxi Chain, involving the creation of a global network of equity crowdfunding platforms and scaling this network to operate on a truly global scale. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from equity crowdfunding platforms underscores the innovative appeal of this approach.

As Ian put it, “We’re talking about getting to a point in the future where we are operating globally at genuine scale, with all of the important markets participating and a really significant number of the leading platforms participating within a handful of years or less.”

Don’t miss out on these vital updates as we continue to pioneer in this exciting space. We’re committed to keeping you informed and engaged with the latest trends and breakthroughs in our community.

Join us on this thrilling journey!



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