The evolution of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding as we know it has evolved very little in the last ten years. This is largely driven by the natural limitations of geography and scale. The scope for investees to secure growth capital via crowdfunding is in practical terms limited to their home market. This has a material negative impact on the number of investors that truly understand an investment opportunity, and in turn, constrains both the amount of capital available and the time required to secure it. This then has a knock-on effect whereby growth companies are usually forced to go down the path well-traveled and seek investment from professional investors such as VCs and private equity. For the investee, this usually means the growth capital raised is extremely expensive, and/or they relinquish control of the company.

Singapore-based Dacxi is currently developing the Dacxi Chain; a novel blockchain technology, designed to bridge the innovation funding gap by making crowdfunding easy and accessible. Set to usher in the era of Crypto 4.0, the Dacxi Chain will be built entirely upon Dacxi’s global network of Crypto Wealth Platforms. It is an in-house crowd-funding system, which will establish a new set of ground rules for the open investment space — in which anyone, no matter their location, can financially contribute to the projects they firmly believe in. By democratizing the investment space, Dacxi taking a major step towards a future in which blockchain technology is trusted over bureaucratic institutions.



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