The Dacxi Coin Ecosystem: Review

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Dacxi is a global Crypto Wealth company, and it’s on a mission to help everyday people build their wealth through crypto. Since launching in 2017, Dacxi has held the belief that crypto has been too complex, difficult, and overwhelming for the average person to use it to build their long-term wealth. Its complexities act as a barrier to everyday people’s involvement, and mean they’re missing out on valuable investment opportunities.

To help break down those barriers, Dacxi has pioneered the concept of Crypto Wealth. Crypto Wealth is an investment perspective, which sees crypto as a long-term investment — not a short-term gamble. The company has built its own Crypto Wealth platform, featuring its own educational portal known as Dacxi LEARN; a training ground for those seeking to learn about the intricacies of crypto.

In the following article, we’ll explore the need-to-know facts about the Dacxi ecosystem — focusing on Dacxi’s Crypto Wealth platform and Dacxi LEARN.

What is Crypto Wealth?

Over the last ten years, those who have held cryptos such as Ethereum or Bitcoin for the long-term have seen a vastly better performance than traditional investments (eg. property and shares). In spite of this performance, everyday investors still appear reluctant to get involved. Dacxi identified that it was crypto’s incredible complexity that was turning regular people away in droves.

That’s why Dacxi pioneered Crypto Wealth. It’s a different way of seeing crypto; as a legitimate long-term wealth-building tool, instead of a speculative bet. Dacxi created the term ‘Crypto Wealth’ in 2018 — at a time when crypto was largely seen as only for traders, short-term wins, and frequent purchasing and selling. Dacxi’s mission to help everyday people change their crypto perspective was, at the time, revolutionary — and in many ways remains so today.

How does the Dacxi Platform work?

Dacxi created their platform with the goal of providing the world’s simplest way to build Crypto Wealth. It strips away the jargon and complexities that many other exchanges rely on, and makes crypto clear, simple, and easy-to-understand.

The platform’s user-friendly interface is complemented by Dacxi’s Customer Success team, which offer clients live support and lightning-fast response times. The platform also provides all the information clients need to make informed and confident crypto decisions.

What is Dacxi LEARN?

Dacxi sees education as key to Crypto Wealth, which is why the company has poured a huge amount of time and resources into building their own educational platform; Dacxi LEARN.

This learning portal provides both individual investors and financial professionals with a wide range of trusted educational resources. From reports and insights, to videos and webinars, to tests and CPD-accredited courses, Dacxi LEARN covers all things crypto in all popular learning styles.

How do you purchase crypto on the Dacxi Exchange?

Dacxi clients can choose to invest in a curated selection of individual coins. Or, they can choose to invest using one of Dacxi’s most appealing innovations; the Dacxi Bundles.

Dacxi’s range of Bundle products each feature a collection of some of the world’s most exciting and high-performing crypto products. These cryptos are all either proven Blue Chip coins (like Bitcoin) or emerging cryptos which Dacxi has identified as having great future potential. Each has been hand-picked by Dacxi’s expert team, and must meet a strict set of criteria.

Clients can choose a Bundle to purchase, and then within just a few clicks, they’ll be the proud new owners of a diverse portfolio of proven coins.

The Bundles currently available include…

The Blue Chip Bundle — featuring the world’s biggest Blue Chip coins

The Blue Ocean Bundle — featuring the coins that are the driving force behind the next wave in Crypto

The Precious Metals Bundle — featuring Dacxi’s digital gold, silver and platinum tokens, which are backed by vaulted and insured physical metals.

Is Dacxi safe and secure?

The safety and security of crypto assets is paramount, and Dacxi has a number of measures to ensure its clients (and their crypto) are protected. A majority of the assets held on the Dacxi Exchange are protected by BITGO — which is a major digital asset security provider. All Dacxi assets are also insured by Lloyds, as an extra layer of protection.

All log-ins must use two-factor authentication (2FA) which helps protect them from hackers. Plus, as a regulated company, Dacxi complies with KYC and AML regulations — meaning they verify the identities of all their clients.

What is Dacxi Coin?

Dacxi has its own native cryptocurrency called Dacxi Coin. The engine of the Dacxi ecosystem, Dacxi Coin is a utility token pre-mined on the Ethereum network. Dacxi Coin can be bought and sold on the Dacxi Exchange, along with a selection of other global crypto exchanges.

Dacxi’s use cases include:

  • Paying blockchain fees
  • Global fund transfers
  • Powering the Dacxi Chain.

What is the Dacxi Chain?

Currently, everyday investors are largely unable to invest in global Early Stage companies. It’s not that they don’t want to; it’s that they lack the ability to connect with the businesses and projects that so badly need capital to thrive. Everyday investors are limited to local opportunities, and entrepreneurs are limited to relying on venture capital — and forced to hand over control of their company in the process.

The Dacxi Chain provides the solution. The Dacxi Chain is a global tokenized crowdfunding system, pioneered by Dacxi. It’s is a prime example of the next wave of crypto; Crypto 4.0, in which blockchain technology will be used to solve real-world problems (such as the broken crowdfunding system).

Using blockchain technology and tokenization, the Dacxi Chain will turn company shares into digital tokens which can be bought and sold by anyone, anywhere around the world. This will unlock the funding process, and make it accessible to all. It will connect entrepreneurs with the capital they need, and everyday investors with the financial opportunities of a lifetime.

Dacxi Coin is vital to the operation of the Dacxi Chain. It will:

  • Pay for node staking and blockchain fees
  • Be used to quickly and simply transfer funds globally
  • Make holding shares in Early Stage businesses more liquid

All this means that, once the Dacxi Chain is fully up and running, billions of Dacxi Coin will be needed to power it.

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Dacxi is a fintech company pioneering crowd finance, with a mission to change the lives of everyone with new wealth opportunities. Welcome!

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Dacxi is a fintech company pioneering crowd finance, with a mission to change the lives of everyone with new wealth opportunities. Welcome!

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