The Crypto Exchange Gap

The crypto exchange market has witnessed massive growth as exchange volume and the number of users has increased exponentially. Since the advent of crypto exchanges, there have been two major categories; trader exchanges and transaction exchanges.

Trading Exchanges support traders with trading graphs, high speed transactions and leverage. Transaction exchanges help people buy and sell crypto easily yet do not provide any other credible support, so they suit only those who are gambling on the market.

The major gap in the exchange market is for ‘wealth-builders’. The classic ‘investor class’ who look at crypto as an investable asset class to build long term wealth. Therefore, exchanges must offer them full support at all times. Before these key investors can fully “play” in the crypto market, they need the assurance of a dedicated community-based platform. They need access to an easy-to-use and simple crypto exchange. This gives rise to another type of crypto exchange known as community exchange.

A good example of these community exchanges is the Dacxi crypto exchange.

We’ll talk more about Dacxi’s differentials in the next post. Stay tuned.



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