The advantages of the Dacxi Chain

Dacxi Chain
1 min readOct 15, 2021
Source: Coinstelegram

Dacxi has found solutions to bring tokenized crowdfunding to a brand new level. Here are the main advantages of this project, starting a revolution in this area:

  • The local Dacxi licensee creates the proposal adhering to certain standards. In other words, any crowdfunding must obtain a license.
  • Dacxi’s clients are investing in wealth, eager to keep on investing in this sector.
  • Excellent technical support that raises investor loyalty.
  • The Crypto-Wealth Dacxi platform helps raise significant investments at the best conditions.
  • With the use of Dacxi Coin, holders can invest efficiently and profitably at the international level.
  • With Dacxi VC exchanges, the token can be listed for post-trade, and since it is based on Dacxi Coin, it can be sold.

The developers began to work on the project back in 2017, and a full-scale launch is planned for 2022. The team’s global purpose is to significantly expand the crowdfunding market from $10 billion to $1 trillion.

The development team plans to create a project that would become the world’s leading innovative financing and trading system and a leader in the developing sector of tokenized crowdfunding.



Dacxi Chain

Dacxi is a fintech company pioneering crowd finance, with a mission to change the lives of everyone with new wealth opportunities. Welcome!