Silver and other tokenised precious metals on Dacxi

Up until the emergence of blockchain and tokenisation, the structure and mechanics of capital markets have remained unchanged for decades. Technology has now transformed how we leverage investment opportunities across a growing number of asset classes. In fact, the Digital Finance Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) which is a consortium representing some of Australia’s biggest industry sectors projects that the volume for “tokenised assets” is expected to grow from a minuscule amount today to $US24 trillion ($32 trillion) by 2027.

“blockchain and other [distributed ledger technologies] are set to become a fixture in financial markets in the years ahead, and may eventually lead to structural changes to market processes or even the market itself”. — Gred Medcraft, Former ASIC Chairman.

Buying Silver and other precious metals on Dacxi

In the Dacxi platform, everyday investors can buy/sell precious metals (Gold, Silver & Platinum) through tokens that are fully backed by the physical metal. In the instance of the Dacxi Silver Token (DXST), each Dacxi Silver token in circulation is backed by one ounce of silver bought and stored in the vaults of reputable bullion dealers in Australia and the United Kingdom.

DXST is an ERC-20 token minted on the Ethereum blockchain which is the largest general blockchain network. As per the ERC-20 protocol, the token’s smart contract follows a standard characteristic (i.e. name, symbol, decimal precision, etc.) The total number of tokens and token balances can be tracked on the blockchain for full transparency.



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