Review: Dacxi Vs Coinbase — The difference between the two exchanges

Source: Coinpedia

Dacxi and Coinbase are two cryptocurrency platforms aimed at very different users, with very different attitudes to investing in crypto.

In this review, we’ll explore just what those differences are, and assess which exchange might be right for each type of cryptocurrency investor.

Let’s start with a quick overview of each company.

About Dacxi

Founded in 2017, Dacxi is a global fintech company based in Singapore. Dacxi is more than a cryptocurrency exchange; it’s a whole Crypto Wealth ecosystem, focusing on empowering Dacxi’s clients to build long-term wealth through crypto and other tokenized digital assets.

The Dacxi Exchange is found via the Dacxi Crypto Wealth platform, and it claims to be the world’s simplest and most intuitive cryptocurrency and tokenized digital asset exchange.

It’s designed for everyday people who want the buying and selling process to be as easy as possible. Dacxi clients also tend to have a long-term investment perspective. They are very much holders, not traders.

About Coinbase

Coinbase launched back in 2012 (which in crypto terms means it’s practically ancient) and it went public in 2021, listing on the NASDAQ. It’s a U.S.-regulated cryptocurrency trading exchange that allows users to buy, sell, send, receive, and exchange coins via a web browser or mobile app. It’s designed mostly with newbie cryptocurrency traders in mind.

Like the Dacxi Exchange, Coinbase features a simple interface and limited transaction types. But unlike Dacxi, it offers about 100 cryptocurrencies. In contrast, Dacxi offers three curated cryptocurrency Bundles, a small selection of Blue Chip coins available to purchase individually, and a tokenized Precious Metal Bundle, which is offered as an inflation hedge for more cautious investors.

Dacxi vs. Coinbase: User-friendly Interface

Although Coinbase is certainly simple and user-friendly, the Dacxi Exchange takes the cake for pure simplicity and ease of use.

One look and you can see that the Dacxi Exchange has been built to meet the needs of people who have rarely (if ever) made their own investment transactions online.

Plus, the Dacxi team has carefully selected a small range of coins for users to choose from (more on that later), which means 99% of the hard work of researching and picking coins has already been done for you.

So, are you a frequent and experienced trader, or a less experienced holder who needs a little extra support? If it’s the latter, Dacxi may well be the right exchange for you.

Dacxi vs. Coinbase: The key features

As they’re designed for different types of investors, there’s a big difference between the features offered on each exchange.

Dacxi features:

  • A very simple interface
  • Limited choice of cryptocurrencies, restricted to very popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum — plus several emerging coins which Dacxi’s expert team have assessed as strong future growth opportunities
  • The ability to simply and quickly purchase multiple cryptocurrencies as part of a Bundle
  • A tokenized Precious Metals Bundle — including digital tokens of gold, silver and platinum, backed by the physical precious metals which are vaulted and insured by ABC Bullion
  • A small selection of hand-picked individual coins
  • Built in wallets for each Bundle and coin
  • Crypto assets are custodied and insured by Bitgo, the world-leading institutional custody service
  • A client-base currently mainly concentrated in the UK and Australia.
  • The ability to buy assets with UK or Australian currency or using USDT (Tether)
  • A weekly newsletter with news tailored to the long-term investor
  • A weekly blog
  • Free access to premium educational content on Dacxi LEARN

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