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5 min readMay 22, 2023
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In the realm of podcasts, some make a splash, others ripple, but then there’s Unleashed — a masterclass in crowdfunding that shatters norms and reshapes our understanding of the financial universe. Curated and led by the eloquent and knowledgeable podcaster Andy Pickering, Unleashed serves as Dacxi Chain’s lighthouse, casting beams of enlightening insights that disrupt the status quo of our financial ecosystem perceptions.

One such recent episode saw Andy Pickering delve into the heart of crowdfunding, with none other than Kimmo Rytkönen at the virtual table, a man who can legitimately be called a titan in the world of fintech. As the founder of Income Marketplace, a popular peer-to-peer lending platform that is changing the face of crowdfunding in the European Economic Area, Kimmo’s insights are as invaluable as they are intriguing.

The Age of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, at its core, is a method of raising capital through the collective efforts of a large pool of individuals, mainly online via social media and crowdfunding platforms. By tapping into the power of collective individual efforts, it amplifies reach and exposure. Crowdfunding is reshaping the traditional financial landscape, providing an alternative route to access capital for a wide range of initiatives — from startups and small businesses to charitable causes and personal campaigns.

Platforms like Income play a critical role in the crowdfunding ecosystem. Serving as intermediaries between investors and loan companies, they provide a digital platform that enables loan-based investments. Kimmo’s platform facilitates investors to buy parts of loans offered by different loan companies spanning from Finland to Mexico, from Indonesia to Bulgaria. The beauty of Income lies in its simplicity — there are no equity investments, just loans.

Crowdfunding, Regulatory Challenges, and the Birth of Dacxi Chain

However, crowdfunding, like any sector of finance, is not without its challenges. As Kimmo highlighted in the podcast, regulatory issues are a major hurdle for crowdfunding platforms. Different jurisdictions have varying regulations, making it difficult for platforms like Income to cater to investors worldwide.

Here enters Dacxi Chain, an innovative global crowdfunding solution built on the foundation of blockchain technology. The potential of Dacxi Chain lies in its ambition to democratize access to early-stage investment opportunities and facilitate the flow of capital to innovators around the globe.

At the heart of Dacxi Chain’s plan is the concept of tokenization. By representing an asset or equity in token form on a blockchain, it opens the door to democratized investing. Tokenization allows for fractional ownership, lowering the investment entry barrier and thus enabling wider participation. Furthermore, tokenization of assets creates a secondary market, offering much-needed liquidity to investors — an issue often faced by traditional crowdfunding platforms.

Broadening Horizons: Beyond Crowdfunding

But the potential of tokenization isn’t limited to crowdfunding. As Kimmo shared during the podcast, tokenization could also revolutionize other areas of finance, such as loans. The concept of tokenizing individual loans could lead to the creation of an active aftermarket, offering a new avenue for institutional investors to buy non-performing loans or other debt instruments.

However, creating a global crowdfunding ecosystem that overcomes jurisdictional barriers and offers investor liquidity is no small task. Nevertheless, Dacxi Chain is up for the challenge, leading the charge to disrupt the industry and redefine how we perceive crowdfunding.

Delivering Returns and Promising Prospects

By the close of the podcast, Kimmo shed some light on the current state of returns for Income investors. As it stands, investors on Income see returns averaging between 13% to 14% per annum. However, Kimmo recently increased the maximum loan amount companies can offer to investors, hinting at potentially higher returns in the future.

The Future of Finance: Accessible, Inclusive, and Profitable

In an ever-changing financial landscape, platforms like Income Marketplace and innovative solutions like Dacxi Chain are blazing a trail. They’re taking on the challenges of regulation, liquidity, and democratization head-on, heralding a new era of financial opportunities. By tapping into concepts like peer-to-peer lending and tokenization, they’re paving the way for accessible and lucrative investment avenues for the masses.

Now more than ever, as we navigate the aftermath of the global pandemic, the importance of a resilient, accessible, and fair financial system is becoming increasingly clear. Income and Dacxi Chain, among other innovators in the field, are rising to this challenge. They’re spearheading efforts to make investing more inclusive, more straightforward, and more profitable.

Kimmo is a staunch believer in the power of transparency, and it forms the backbone of Income’s operations. Each loan available for investment on Income is scrutinized meticulously, and the detailed analysis is made available to potential investors. Moreover, Income uses a unique auction system to establish loan interest rates, creating a fair playing field for both investors and loan companies.

The potential of such a transparent and open system multiplies when combined with the capabilities of blockchain technology. Dacxi Chain seeks to apply the principles of transparency, security, and decentralization inherent in blockchain technology to crowdfunding. The vision is to create a tokenized global crowdfunding ecosystem that can potentially circumvent the jurisdictional and regulatory challenges that have long hindered the industry.

Final Thoughts

As we venture further into this era of digitized finance, it’s clear that platforms like Income and Dacxi Chain are setting the pace. They’re challenging traditional financial systems, reshaping our conception of investment, and creating a future where everyone, regardless of location or economic status, has access to quality investment opportunities.

Imagine the entrepreneurs and innovators around the world with brilliant ideas but lacking the necessary capital to turn their visions into reality. A global crowdfunding ecosystem could provide these individuals with direct access to investors, bypassing traditional funding barriers, and fast-tracking their path to success.

Similarly, consider investors who have had limited access to investment opportunities due to geographical or financial restrictions. Platforms like Income and initiatives like Dacxi Chain can now offer these individuals lucrative investment opportunities, accelerating their financial goals.

As the world grapples with economic uncertainties, the need for a robust and inclusive financial system is not just desirable; it’s a necessity. Through their innovation and forward-thinking approaches, Kimmo Rytkönen and the brains behind Dacxi Chain are helping pave the way towards this new financial future.

The Unleashed podcast episode featuring Kimmo Rytkönen was more than just an engaging conversation. It was a glimpse into the future of finance, a future shaped by transparency, inclusivity, and innovation. If this episode is anything to go by, that future is just around the corner, and it’s brighter than ever.

You can listen to the full Podcast with Kimmo Rytkönen here.



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