Polygon (MATIC) is now listed on the Dacxi Wealth Platform

One of the biggest challenges facing blockchain visionaries is how to create a connected ecosystem where everything talks to each other.

Or should we say was the challenge, because the people behind the Polygon project have delivered a simple and elegant solution that harnesses the reach and power of the Ethereum network to make possible an ‘internet of blockchains.

The Polygon blockchain sits on top of the Ethereum network and provides a framework for building and connecting a limitless number of Ethereum-compatible blockchain projects — all with the advantage of faster processing and reduced transaction costs.

Polygon-based projects can come to life fast too because building applications on the Polygon platform is very similar to building on Ethereum.

Developer’s familiarity with Ethereum makes working with Polygon simple — so it’s easily accessible to the biggest blockchain development community in the world.

Polygon is all about building connections, and you can connect with Polygon (MATIC coin) on the Dacxi Wealth Platform now.



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