New wealth opportunity — introducing Dacxi Earn Coin rewards.

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1 min readMay 3, 2022


One of the exciting developments we’re making to the Dacxi Wealth Platform is the addition of our new Dacxi Coin rewards programme — Dacxi Earn.

Now when you hold Dacxi Coin you can earn a reward of 2% p.a., paid in Dacxi Coin at the end of each monthly period.

It’s easy — you don’t need to do anything — if you are a customer as of 1st May, you’re automatically enrolled in the Dacxi Earn programme. You can opt-out at any time — just remember that means rewards will not apply for the full month in which you opt-out.

Login into the Dacxi Wealth Platform now to check your Dacxi Coin balance or to buy Dacxi Coin.

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Dacxi Wealth Platform
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Everyone who joins Dacxi or buys Dacxi Coin after 2 May 2022 can earn rewards by visiting the ‘Earn’ menu on our platform and following the simple instructions.

Dacxi Earn is one more way we’re improving service and adding value to the Dacxi Wealth Platform.

It’s great to have you with us.



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