How Blockchain-based Crowdfunding Can Democratize Capital for African Projects

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3 min readMay 26, 2023


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Crowdfunding is one way for startups to get funding, and with the help of blockchain technology, the process can be made transparent and accountable.

We can at least agree that Blockchain technology has transformed many aspects of business and finance over the years, and crowdfunding is no exception.

Crowdfunding can become more secure, transparent, and accessible for all parties involved with the help of blockchain. Let’s just say that innovations are changing everything around us, and blockchain technology is one of them.

This technology can be used to improve businesses because it is secure, swift, and translucent. Blockchain is actually popular in this domain because it has become prevalent in crowdfunding app development. Crowdfunding types may differ, but the goal remains the same: raise sufficient money for production or service.

By offering a decentralized and transparent method of fundraising, blockchain has the possibility to democratize capital for African projects.

Blockchain has the potential to bridge the funding gap that several African entrepreneurs and startups encounter when attempting to obtain traditional financing.

Participants can contribute small amounts of money to a project through crowdfunding, and blockchain offers a secure and transparent way to monitor those contributions.

By integrating these two technologies, African projects can access an international pool of prospective financiers from anywhere in the world.

One of the primary benefits of crowdfunding is that it can eliminate the requirement for middlemen like banks, venture capitalists, and angel investors.

This can reduce fundraising costs and boost capital accessibility for African entrepreneurs and startups.

Furthermore, blockchain technology can aid in the resolution of the issue of confidence regarding crowdfunding by offering a secure and transparent method of tracking transactions.

Contributors can use blockchain to track their contributions and make certain that funds are used correctly, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Additionally, blockchain-based crowdfunding can give African entrepreneurs and startups access to a broader selection of financing options, such as peer-to-peer lending and cryptocurrency-based fundraising.

This may assist in acquiring new funding sources and reduce dependence on conventional financing options, which can be limited and restrictive.

By providing a decentralized and transparent method of fundraising, blockchain and crowdfunding can play an important role in democratizing capital for African projects.

These technologies have the possibility to reduce entry barriers for African entrepreneurs and startups, increase capital accessibility, and promote financial inclusion.


The Dacxi Chain: The Future of Equity Crowdfunding

Tokenization isn’t a far-off concept. Leading business consulting firms around the world have predicted that the tokenization of all asset classes is inevitable, and by 2030, it will be a 20-something trillion-dollar industry. It’s an idea on the cusp of ubiquity, one that can reshape our understanding of asset ownership and investment.

The Dacxi Chain seeks to make this future a reality. By leveraging blockchain’s benefits, tokenizing shares, and creating an equitable crowdfunding platform, it has the potential to democratize investing. The essence of the Dacxi Chain’s vision is to make investing a broadly accepted, everyday practice, not limited to the privileged few.

In this journey, transparency and communication are of utmost importance. Ian assures that regular updates will be provided, with the next one due right before the launch of the MVP. It’s an exciting period for the Dacxi Chain team, as they work towards making the first deal a successful one.

The revolution in equity crowdfunding is just beginning, and Dacxi Chain is at the forefront of this movement. Ian’s insights reveal a promising future, a world where finance is more accessible, equitable, and efficient.

As we follow Dacxi Chain’s journey, one can’t help but feel the anticipation and excitement of being part of a transformative moment in financial history.

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