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3 min readJul 26, 2022


We’re always working to make our platform even better, and our team has been hard at work. We are excited to reveal the new features they’ve been developing.

Ethereum Network maintenance is now complete

2022 will be an important year for Ethereum, as it switches from a proof of work to the more sustainable proof of stake consensus. In preparation the network has been going through maintenance, and we’re pleased to advise that after a short pause, deposits and withdrawals on the Ethereum Layer 1 network are live again. That includes Ethereum, Dacxi Coin and USDT transactions.

All deposits to Dacxi clients’ wallets during the pause have been processed and funded to the respective accounts. Withdrawals are now being created using the EIP-1559 standard for ETH transactions.

Important note — New Ethereum address

If you’re registered on our platform you will have received a new Ethereum crypto address, which is used for Ethereum, Dacxi Coin, and USDT deposits. You must use this new address to deposit to your Dacxi wallet. Deposits to the old address won’t lead to money loss, but will be a manual process, and may take a little more time to be credited to your wallet.

Coin bundle changes

We’ve made some changes to the Dacxi Blue Chip and Dacxi Blue Ocean bundles.

In the Blue Chip bundle, we’ve tweaked things a little, with a small increase in the proportion of Ethereum (ETH) to Bitcoin (BTC).

The Blue Chip Bundle is now Bitcoin 40%, Ethereum 30%, Litecoin 10%, Dacxi Coin 20%.

The Blue Ocean Bundle has also been updated and is now comprised of three of the leading Layer 1 proof of stake coins, who together are building the Web3 ecosystems of the future.

Blue Ocean Bundle is now Cardano 20%, Avalanche 20%, Solana 20%, Polkadot 20%, Dacxi Coin 20%.

Start earning sooner with Dacxi Earn

Dacxi Coin holders now get an immediate same-day settlement for all new Earn deposits, meaning you start to earn rewards sooner. Previously, the settlement date was the day after a deposit was placed.

Membership fee update

We’ve listened to your feedback, and now Dacxi Coin balances held in ‘Earn’ deposits will no longer be used for the payment of any membership fee. Any balances in Earn however will still be included in the calculation of the total portfolio value.

Check out the terms and conditions on our website for more details on our membership fee.



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