Dacxi Group Announces to Rebrand Its Platform, Says the CEO

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2 min readJan 25, 2023
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Dacxi Group is rebranding its platform, as mentioned by Ian Lowe (the CEO of the company). In a blog post published on Medium, the CEO mentioned that the company is to witness remarkable changes in the coming time. Dacxi Group is to get divided into a couple of distinct platforms named “Wealth99” and “The Dacxi Chain.”

Dacxi Group to Split into ‘Wealth99’ and ‘The Dacxi Chain’

The CEO added that the firm has gone through enormous development since its commencement back in 2017. Especially, according to him, the year 2022 has been great for Dacxi in terms of growth as the firm introduced several unique services and products. This is the thing that made them realize that an evolution had taken place in Daxci and it now contains a couple of separate service offerings.

Keeping this in view, the platform will now offer the 2 above-mentioned brands. In 2023’s February, Dacxi.com will be converted to Wealth99.com. It is a unique brand for Dacxi Group’s Wealth Management Platform. This will offer the same underlying business as Dacxi.com did provide. This will focus on providing exciting consumer service, consumer-friendly facilities, and the same opportunity to assist consumers to construct their future wealth via substitute assets.

Notwithstanding the same services, the change in look and logo is being carried out as the new logo and name permit the company to stay close to the original vision thereof. It signifies that the platform provides ninety-nine percent access to substitute assets without any constraints to build wealth successfully. Ian Lowe then moved on to discuss the 2nd brand called Dacxi Chain. He disclosed that the team of Dacxi Group’s developers has been working hard to introduce the latest brand.

As per Ian, Dacxi Chain will be the earliest worldwide platform for tokenized crowdfunding. It utilizes tokenization and blockchain to create a link between investors and remarkable early-stage firms intending to collect capital with additional high-growth opportunities. In Ian’s words, they are utilizing cutting-edge technology to advance their network comprising crowdfunding collaborators.

Dacxi Chain to Play a Significant Role in Advancing Tokenized Shares’ Market

Dacxi Chain’s local cryptocurrency named “Dacxi Coin” will provide the central use case to unlock unparalleled investments between the companies offering crowdfunding across borders. He asserted that RBA, IBM, HSBC, McKinsey, and Deloitte are the platforms that have anticipated that 2030 will see the valuation of private firms’ tokenized shares touching the $1T mark. Hence, he believes that Dacxi Chain will play a critical role in the advent as well as a comprehensive advancement of this latest space.

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