Dacxi Coin Review 2022

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Dacxi Coin (DACXI) is the native cryptocurrency of Dacxi. The engine behind the Dacxi Chain, Dacxi Coin is a revolutionary blockchain-based currency. It’s part of the next big wave of tokenization — which is poised to change the financial world as we know it.

So, what exactly is Dacxi Coin? What’s its use case, and how will it power a new global tokenized crowdfunding system? Let’s find out.

First of all, what is Dacxi?

Launched in 2017, Dacxi is a global fintech company, and the pioneer behind Crypto Wealth. Dacxi has a team of more than 50, based in offices across Australia, Brazil, Dubai, Estonia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK. Dacxi’s largest markets are in Australia and the UK, and the company is rapidly expanding around the world.

The Dacxi platform is designed to simplify the complexities of crypto, and help everyday people invest in it with confidence. The platform offers a curated selection of the world’s highest-performing and highest-potential coins (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dacxi Coin), along with tokenized precious metals such as Dacxi Gold Tokens (DXGT), Dacxi Silver Tokens (DXST), and Dacxi Platinum Tokens (DXPT).

Dacxi is much more than a crypto exchange. It’s a Crypto Wealth platform, focused on unlocking the crypto opportunity for all — not just the elite and tech-savvy few. Dacxi has built its own educational platform, Dacxi LEARN. And it’s also home to world-class customer support, regular webinars, live events, and networking opportunities.

So, what is Dacxi Coin (DACXI)?

Dacxi Coin is the native currency for the global Dacxi ecosystem. Dacxi Coins are Erc20 tokens. They’ve been pre-mined on the Ethereum Network, and are safely stored in cold wallets on the Dacxi Exchange.Dacxi’s global expansion drives Dacxi Coin’s demand and value.

On trading exchanges, every crypto-coin has its own code. For example, Bitcoin’s code is BTC. Dacxi Coin’s code is DACXI.


Dacxi Coin is sometimes confused with DAC Coin. DAC is the code used for coins such as Davinci Coin and Degen Ape Club. There are uninformed reviewers across the web who have confused the two — but please be clear, Dacxi Coin has no association with DAC Coin.

What is Dacxi Coin’s use case?

Dacxi Coin has three key use cases:

  • Allow for fast and seamless cross-border investment transfers
  • Pay for blockchain fees on the Dacxi Chain
  • Be used for exchange transactions for Dacxi’sglobal tokenized crowd-funding system.

These use cases will help Dacxi Coin achieve its two ultimate goals:

  • Provide the foundation for Dacxi’s global Crypto Wealth platform
  • Power Dacxi’s innovative tokenized crowd-funding system

Powering the Dacxi Chain:

Unlocking the potential and possibilities of tokenized crowdfunding

The current crowdfunding system promised to give the public the chance to invest in amazing start-ups. It promised to grant entrepreneurs access to the growth capital they need to thrive, without having to hand over control of their companies to venture capitalists. However, crowdfunding as we know it today has failed to deliver on those promises. It should be a trillion-dollar sector, and yet right now, crowdfunding is worth only 1% of that. Would-be investors are missing out on the financial opportunities of a lifetime, entrepreneurs who badly need capital are going without, and incredible world-changing ideas are being lost in the fray.

Dacxi will change all this, with the Dacxi Chain.

The Dacxi Chain is the world’s first global tokenized crowdfunding system. Using tokenization and blockchain technology, the Dacxi Chain will create digital versions of company shares. Through the Dacxi platform, these shares will be able to be quickly and easily bought by anyone, anywhere. Finally, entrepreneurs will have the ability to connect with a massive global pool of early-stage investors. And everyday people all over the world will be able to access a wealth of exciting new investment opportunities.

As Dacxi’s native cryptocurrency, Dacxi Coin will power the Dacxi Chain. It will be used to pay for blockchain fees, cross-border investment transfers, and transactions on the exchange.

Dacxi believes that tokenized crowd-funding has the potential to be a multi-trillion-dollar marketplace. And it’s being made possible by the Dacxi Chain — and Dacxi Coin.

To learn more about Dacxi’s plans for Dacxi Coin, you can read the Dacxi Coin roadmap here.

Where can you buy Dacxi Coin?

The easiest way to buy Dacxi Coin is directly through the Dacxi exchange itself. You can also buy Dacxi Coin on several other exchanges — includingHitBTC, Coinsbit, Bitforex and Crex24.

The Dacxi Exchange

The Dacxi Exchange isn’t designed for hardcore traders or speculators. It’s designed for those who see crypto as a way to build their long-term wealth. Simplifying crypto for the everyday investor is a key part of Dacxi’s mission — so the exchange itself is incredibly user-friendly. Users can purchase crypto as individual coins, or as part of their innovative Bundle products, which let customers start building a crypto portfolio in just a few clicks.

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Dacxi is a fintech company pioneering crowd finance, with a mission to change the lives of everyone with new wealth opportunities. Welcome! https://dacxi.com

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Dacxi Chain

Dacxi is a fintech company pioneering crowd finance, with a mission to change the lives of everyone with new wealth opportunities. Welcome! https://dacxi.com