Dacxi Chain: The Next Chapter in Investment Evolution (with Ian Lowe)

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4 min readSep 6, 2023

We envision a future where everyday investors have unprecedented access to privately held growth companies seeking capital to expand their horizons. Our mission is to redraw the boundaries of the innovation economy, transforming the equity crowdfunding landscape into a powerful force for change.

At the heart of our strategy is the belief that equity crowdfunding has the potential to democratize investing on a global scale. Currently, equity crowdfunding represents less than 1% of the venture capital economy worldwide. However, we are determined to change that narrative by making it a significant and perhaps even the primary source of investment for high-growth companies.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into our approach, revealing the insights shared by Ian Lowe, a seasoned expert in building and managing global technology companies, during a recent interview. Through his perspective, we’ll shed light on the stages of our rollout, our selective collaboration with foundation partners, our commitment to empowerment over disruption, and the role of our purpose-designed cryptocurrency, Dacxi Coin.

Join us as we explore how Dacxi Chain is poised to reshape the investment landscape, emphasizing our vision of “investing in the future of investing.” We’ll also discuss the symbiotic relationship between owning Dacxi Coin and participating in our equity crowdfunding rounds, and how you can get involved in this transformative journey.

A Staged Rollout for Success

Ian Lowe emphasizes the importance of taking a staged approach to the rollout of the Dacxi Chain. In the world of innovation, he acknowledges that building a transformative platform like this takes time and multiple iterations. The staged approach not only reduces risk but also ensures that critical partners are on board with the vision.

The transparency and honesty with which Dacxi Chain communicates its gradual progress stand out. Lowe underscores that this journey is not about creating an all-encompassing solution overnight. Instead, it’s about building a robust network step by step, emphasizing the importance of collaboration with partners and aligning everyone’s understanding of the vision.

Foundation Partners: Selective Collaboration

One key element of Dacxi Chain’s strategy is the careful selection of foundation partners. These are not just any equity crowdfunding platforms but carefully chosen partners who meet strict criteria. These partners should have a strong market reputation, a track record of successful deals across various sizes, and a commitment to innovation.

Dacxi Chain initially sought partners in multiple geographies to establish a strong proof of concept. The goal is to create a network effect that enables licensed equity crowdfunding platforms to share investment opportunities globally while maintaining a decentralized structure.

Not Disruption, but Empowerment

Unlike many disruptive innovations, Dacxi Chain does not aim to disrupt an established, mature industry. Instead, it seeks to empower equity crowdfunding, which is still a nascent sector. Ian Lowe highlights that equity crowdfunding is in its growth phase, and the market is far from being dominated by a few major players.

Dacxi Chain’s role is to empower and support equity crowdfunding platforms, not compete with them. By enabling licensed platforms to connect to its infrastructure, Dacxi Chain transforms local platforms into global ones, all while preserving their local identities. This approach is collaborative and mutually beneficial.

The Role of Dacxi Coin

Dacxi Coin serves as a crucial component of Dacxi Chain’s infrastructure. It acts as a transaction currency, facilitating the movement of investment capital across different markets and currencies. This purpose-designed cryptocurrency is central to the platform’s ability to connect global equity crowdfunding platforms efficiently.

The success of the Dacxi Coin is closely tied to the growth of the Dacxi Chain business. As the network expands by adding more partners and deals, the demand for Dacxi Coin is expected to increase. This correlation between the success of the platform and the value of the coin is a key consideration for investors.

Owning Dacxi Coin vs. Participating in Equity Crowdfunding

Investors may wonder about the distinction between owning Dacxi Coin and participating in Dacxi Chain’s equity crowdfunding round. While there is expected to be a correlation in value growth over time, they serve different purposes.

Owning shares in Dacxi Chain provides a longer-term investment opportunity with a less immediate liquidity option. In contrast, Dacxi Coin is traded on various exchanges, offering more flexibility for shorter-term investments.

However, participation in the equity crowdfunding round can benefit coin holders in multiple ways. A successful round validates the platform and accelerates network growth, which, in turn, increases demand for Dacxi Coin. This symbiotic relationship suggests that existing coin holders may find it advantageous to participate in the equity crowdfunding opportunity.

How to Get Involved

For those intrigued by the vision and potential of Dacxi Chain, getting involved is straightforward. Interested individuals can register as users on equity crowdfunding platforms affiliated with Dacxi Chain’s foundation partners. This registration grants access to investment opportunities and valuable information about the platform, its technology, and its partners.

The time to get involved is now, as Dacxi Chain’s first equity crowdfunding round is expected to close quickly due to high demand. Registering early ensures that you have a front-row seat to witness the transformation of equity crowdfunding on a global scale.

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