Dacxi Chain — Technology Stack

The Dacxi Chain is based on a 3-layered technology stack, designed to solve the current crowdfunding model’s biggest flaws.

Application layer

The global information system

  • Where deals are created and launched onto globally-linked platforms
  • Deals are made available across multiple languages and countries
  • Information is shared, updated, and requested
  • 10,000s of investment deals can be launched globally each year
  • Past deals are managed for investors.

Transaction layer

The transfer of ownership and payments

  • Where investments are made and managed
  • Investors have their own highly secure regulated account
  • Global investments can be made in their own currency
  • Equity investments are presented for management
  • Multiple systems are put in place to tokenize deals, secure equity backing, produce smart contracts, guarantee token-money exchange, and facilitate secondary trading and global crypto payments in countless local currencies.

Blockchain layer

The verification of ownership and transactions

  • Where ownership of equity tokens, crypto-currencies, transactions, and other blockchain processes are conducted
  • Where Dacxi Blockchain staking, node management, and fee transactions are completed.

Learn more at: https://dacxichain.com/technology/



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