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2 min readMar 23


Dear Dacxi Chain Community,

We have some exciting news to share with you about the Dacxi Chain. Our CEO, Ian Lowe, has just released a video update outlining the latest developments in the project.

The core technology of Dacxi Chain is now largely complete, and we are now focused on the integration frameworks that will allow equity crowdfunding platforms to plug into Dacxi Chain. Once these frameworks are in place, our foundation partners will be able to integrate their existing platforms with Dacxi Chain, allowing them to share deals with each other across the Dacxi Chain network.

We’re thrilled to report that this critical stage is progressing as planned, and we expect to be ready to announce the launch and the first Dacxi Chain deal in the first half of this year. While we had planned to announce our foundation partners, they have requested anonymity until the integration process is complete. But rest assured, we will announce our partners, the launch of Dacxi Chain, and the first deal that goes through it, all within the first half of this year.

Watch the full video below:

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Get ready for more frequent updates over the coming weeks from Ian, as we approach the launch of Dacxi Chain. We appreciate your continued support and can’t wait to share more exciting news with you soon.



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