Dacxi Chain Platform: Empowering the Global Future of Equity Crowdfunding

Dacxi Chain
3 min readFeb 15, 2024

Dacxi Chain leverages the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology to propel crowdfunding platforms into unprecedented scales of growth. This article explores the unique features, benefits, and architecture of Dacxi Chain, outlining the reasons why equity crowdfunding platforms should consider joining this innovative network.

Empowering Crowdfunding Platforms

Dacxi Chain offers a plethora of benefits designed to unleash the full potential of crowdfunding platforms:

  1. Global Reach and Audience Growth: Dacxi Chain enables crowdfunding platforms to expand their reach and access a worldwide pool of investors. The platform facilitates the showcasing of deals to untapped markets, providing an opportunity for exponential growth.
  2. Enhanced Security Measures: Security is a top priority for Dacxi Chain, with state-of-the-art encryption and cybersecurity measures implemented by an in-house Product and Technology team. This ensures the safety of all transactions and the confidentiality of data, instilling confidence in both investors and platforms.
  3. Seamless Integration: Dacxi Chain’s API integration simplifies the process of merging with existing crowdfunding platforms, catalyzing growth and enhancing efficiency.
  4. Cross-Border Transfers with Dacxi Coin: The platform introduces Dacxi Coin, a unique global payment solution facilitating swift, cost-efficient, and secure cross-border transfers, opening up new possibilities for international investment.

Dacxi Chain Architecture

The foundation of Dacxi Chain lies in its innovative architecture, driven by blockchain technology. The platform seamlessly connects local crowdfunding platforms, facilitates secure tokenization of deals, and streamlines cross-border transactions through three fundamental layers:

  1. Application Layer: This dynamic hub manages and launches deals, providing investors access to opportunities across languages and countries.
  2. Transaction Layer: The secure domain for managing and executing investments, featuring advanced systems for deal tokenization, equity backing security, and global crypto-payment processing.
  3. Blockchain Layer: The bedrock of Dacxi Chain, ensuring secure, verifiable ownership of equity tokens, cryptocurrencies, transactions, and more.

Why Join Dacxi Chain?

Equity crowdfunding platforms considering joining Dacxi Chain gain access to a larger, global pool of registered investors, diversifying their catalog of investment opportunities without incurring any upfront or ongoing costs. Dacxi Chain operates on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, generating fees only on funds raised via the network.

Ensuring Autonomy and Compliance

Dacxi Chain differentiates itself from centralized solutions by allowing individual eCF platforms to retain autonomy while benefiting from a larger global network. Platforms joining the Dacxi Chain continue to operate independently, sourcing deals, building investor communities, and negotiating terms as they see fit.

Comprehensive Support

Dacxi Chain provides comprehensive onboarding support, training, and technical assistance to all eCF platforms joining the network. This ensures a seamless integration process, allowing platforms to harness the full potential of the globally interconnected network.


Dacxi Chain presents a revolutionary approach to equity crowdfunding, bringing together the power of blockchain technology, global reach, and security. Crowdfunding platforms can scale their businesses, enhance liquidity through tokenization, and access a larger investor pool without compromising autonomy. By joining Dacxi Chain, platforms embark on a journey towards transformative growth in the new era of global equity crowdfunding.

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