Dacxi Chain February Update: A Progress Snapshot

Dacxi Chain
2 min readFeb 29, 2024

Welcome, Dacxi Chain community! It’s time for a comprehensive update on our ongoing journey. Join us as we delve into essential developments, key announcements, and the path that lies ahead.

Setting the Scene

Recapping last month’s focus on our network, this month centers around grounding ourselves in a critical context. Global equity crowdfunding is a promising frontier, yet largely untapped. Dacxi Chain’s mission is clear: to redefine crowdfunding globally by erasing borders and reshaping the narrative.

Recent Achievements

Fast forward to today, and we’ve achieved significant milestones. Purpose-designed technology, seamless platform integrations, and partnerships with our first crowdfunding allies — the groundwork is complete. We’re now building the global network, with more platforms joining the collaboration to navigate cross-border regulations effectively.

Noteworthy Announcements

Hold on tight! In this quarter, ending March 31, we will unveil the Dacxi Chain globally. This announcement is poised to make waves in the industry, amplifying awareness and welcoming new partners. Additionally, we’re making a strategic move by applying for a tier-one exchange listing for Dacxi Coin — a move supported by industry collaboration to enhance coin liquidity and demand.

Looking Ahead

Our focus remains on network growth. Stay tuned as we actively pursue our first deals, working closely with partners to navigate regulatory complexities. Regarding coin prices, positive impacts are expected. While we can’t provide a specific date for the first deals, we’re making substantial progress and will share a timeline soon.


A sincere thank you to each member of our community for being part of this journey. Your support drives us forward. Keep an eye on Dacxi Chain as we continue to make strides, redefining crowdfunding and fostering a future where innovation transcends boundaries. Here’s to the journey ahead!



Dacxi Chain

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