Dacxi Announces Dacxi Chain, a Global Tokenized Crowdfunding Solution

Source: Beincrypt

London, UK — Dacxi has announced the Dacxi Chain — the world’s first tokenized crowdfunding system that demonstrates the revolutionary commercial potential of blockchain. Tokenization of digital assets will change how the world does business — in particular how new ventures are funded.

A share of a $24 trillion market

IBM estimates that the digital assets market will be worth $24 trillion USD by 2027.

Of that amount they estimate $1 trillion will be ‘unlisted equities.’ In other words that is the expected value of the tokenized venture capital market. That shows the immense potential of the Dacxi Chain and its ecosystem, powered by the Dacxi Coin.

Dacxi Coin powers the Dacxi Chain.

The Dacxi Coin is the native currency to the Dacxi Chain, allowing investments to be transported globally, instantly, and cheaply.

● Tokens are accountable, trackable, and impossible to counterfeit.

● Tokens are backed by the global Dacxi network, ensuring education and security of the deals offered.

● Transaction costs are lower (close to zero)

● Liquidity is (subject to the token restrictions) far greater. Equity investments in startups are illiquid for years.

● Given the above, there is likely to be a dramatically larger pool of potential investors

The Dacxi Chain connects a whole new world of innovation and success

The Dacxi Chain is poised to unlock the true potential of global venture capital investment, and will turn crowdfunding into a trillion dollar sector. The Dacxi Chain will make acquiring funding and finding opportunities to invest easier and cheaper than ever before. Millions of people and billions of dollars will flow into the market, bringing countless new projects to life all over the world.

Ian Lowe, the CEO of Dacxi says “The current equity crowdfunding sector is valued at $10 billion. It’s a tiny amount compared to the true demand for funding that’s out there — in every corner of the world. With systems like the Dacxi Chain in place, we believe that the tokenized crowdfunding sector alone could hit a $1 trillion valuation by 2027.”

Other applications of Crypto 4.0 that are showing us the future of tokenization in finance and investing are Chiliz fan tokens, NFTs and the vast Facebook Diem payment system that brings safe, affordable financial services to people around the world, especially the billions who don’t have an effective bank account.

Read the full article: https://beincrypto.com/dacxi-chain-a-global-tokenized-crowdfunding-solution/




Dacxi is a fintech company pioneering crowd finance, with a mission to change the lives of everyone with new wealth opportunities. Welcome! https://dacxi.com

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Dacxi is a fintech company pioneering crowd finance, with a mission to change the lives of everyone with new wealth opportunities. Welcome! https://dacxi.com

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