Building Wealth through Crypto… One Woman at a Time

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3 min readApr 23, 2020

Written by Vicky Barker

How many times have you sat down recently and had good old chin wag with your mates or partner about money? Say what? Or what about a powwow regarding ‘saving and investing to prepare for major life goals and long term wealth’? Errr…no. Not happening? If you are currently sitting there in a cold sweat, staring blankly or shaking your head then don’t worry you are not alone. Not at all.

The truth is, according to a recent report, over two thirds of women suffer from financial anxiety which is holding them back from securing their own financial future. This rather precarious mindset is compounded by the big hairy reality that whether we want it or not, most women will be forced into managing their own finances at some point in their lives.

If accumulating wealth has never been your thing then the current global pandemic and collapsing financial systems may well want to make you reconsider. In the new normal, we as women need to take control. Empowering women with financial confidence and resources they need to take control of money and wealth has never been more urgent than it is today.

‘Women Who Crypto’ is a community of ladies who are seeking to educate, support and empower all women around the world on how the role of cryptocurrency will play in our everyday lives going forward, including how we will be investing in it. Last year this exciting new asset class of crypto outperformed every other asset class in existence and continues to do so today. For women learning about cryptocurrency, it isn’t just a matter of being informed; it’s a matter of necessity. Our world has now changed for ever and as such isolation and social distancing are causing an acceleration in contactless payments and digital solutions that are changing the way we operate our day to day lives.

Right now there are also huge opportunities for people who are ahead of the curve and want to get a foot hold into crypto. It may be something you have never considered before or even heard of; but put simply, Bitcoin alone, although still at the early stage of its life cycle, has been the most exciting and promising currency development since the development of fiat currency. Indeed, crypto is now a serious ‘thing’ igniting the imagination of billionaires and therefore something you should probably be paying attention to if you want to create wealth and protect you and your family for the future.

To help women explore the possibilities, WWC will be having their first conference next week which you can join from the comfort of your own home online so you can get the crypto lowdown while in lockdown. The idea is you to grab a cuppa or a vino, (no judgement here whatsoever) and join a fun and informative conversation from 8 inspiring women speakers who are championing digital assets and are doing it, thankfully, without using jargon or any crypto flavoured mansplaining.

Come and join WWC on the 7th of May if you are intrigued by this space, need confidence or just understanding of where to start. While it is hard to see beyond the short term at the moment, with 4.5 billion people across the planet in lockdown, it’s important that as women we become informed and financially empowered ensuring that there is light at the end of the tunnel and a future with economic prosperity, progress and hope.

See you there.

To view details of the event and to register, visit Dacxi Events.



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