Better service, Better value — The New Dacxi Wealth Model

There are tremendous opportunities coming for crypto and digital assets, and we want to be in the best position to make the most of them. To help make that happen, we’ve been busy making some changes to the way we operate to bring you even better service and value.

Earn coin rewards with
Dacxi Earn

Dacxi Coin holders on the Dacxi Wealth Platform can now earn a reward of 2% p.a., paid in Dacxi Coin at the end of each monthly period.

As of 1 May 2022, existing Dacxi clients will automatically be enrolled in the Dacxi Earn programme. You can opt out at any time — just remember this means that rewards will not be given for the full month in which you opted out.

Customers who join Dacxi from 2 May 2022 can choose to earn rewards from their Dacxi Coin by visiting the ‘Earn’ menu on our platform.

New features on the Dacxi
Wealth Platform

In 2022, we’re focussed on delivering the next generation of the Dacxi Wealth Platform, with more new features than ever before being released throughout the year. Look out for re-designed and simpler user experiences across many of the functions on our platform. Thi includes faster methods of funding your Dacxi account from your bank account, new portfolio performance features, dollar-cost-averaging, price alerts, and a mobile app version

Membership Status Programme

In 2022 we will be introducing a membership status programme, offering special benefits and privileges. As your portfolio value grows, the benefits and privileges available will grow too.

Look out for a special announcement later this year about the launch of our membership status programme.


We believe that accessible, ongoing education is the key to building Crypto Wealth. As we like to say, the more you know, the more you grow.

Our dedicated education platform Dacxi LEARN is a Crypto Wealth starting point for all investors, from beginners to the highly experienced. We’re continuously updating Dacxi LEARN’s world-leading crypto education with new courses and materials.

We’re releasing extra content covering the biggest crypto issues in our specific markets. We’re also developing new educational resources just for finance professionals, exploring subjects like compliance, tax and regulatory developments.

Dacxi has achieved CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation, which means these courses can help you meet your CPD requirements (further conditions to achieve CPD points may apply in Australia).

Premium content just for
Dacxi clients

As an active Dacxi client you have special access to our ever-growing private library of courses, information, and insights. This includes deep-dives into all things crypto, and market reports to help inform your investment decisions.

Market Insights

Market Insights is our brand new market research and analysis division. The Market Insights team will break down what’s happening in the market — helping you determine how current global and local developments might affect your wealth-building strategy.

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