3 Crowdfunding Platforms Authorized Under New EU Regulation

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Source: born2invest

Three crowdfunding platforms, Next Equity, Pariter Equity, and Optimart, have been authorized under European Regulation. Next Equity, founded by Michela Centioni, has raised 3.5 million euros since 2015. Pariter Equity, started in 2020 by Pariter Partners, uses a “Syndicate Investing” model. Optimart, focusing on art projects, has financed 126 projects worth 1.3 million euros.

Three other crowdfunding platforms have been authorized in recent days to operate according to the European Regulation.

These are Next Equity, a historic equity crowdfunding platform, Pariter Equity, founded by the investment company Pariter Partners and Optimart, a lending crowdfunding platform active in the art sector.

Crowdfunding platform MF Next Equity

Authorized pursuant to the new EU regulation on 12 June, MF Next Equity was one of the first platforms in Italy to obtain Consob authorization in 2014. It was founded by Michela Centioni who, still today, is leads as CEO. From 2015 to November 2023, the platform launched 16 campaigns, 9 of which were successfully closed, raising a total of 3.5 million euros.

Next Equity’s greatest success is related to the Synbiotec campaign which, in 2016, was the first in Italy to raise 1 million euros.

In November 2021 Milano Finanza Editori entered the capital of the platform which thus changed its name to MF Next Equity.

Pariter Equity

The equity crowdfunding platform Pariter Equity was authorized by Consob and the Bank of Italy last June 5th.

Pariter Equity was founded and is controlled by the investment company Pariter Partners, created by Jari Ognibeni and Matteo Elli.

The platform, born in 2020, offers the “Syndicate Investing” model: for each project an investment vehicle (SRL) is created which allows investors to co-invest with “lead investors” in the best startups on the market.


Optimart, a lending crowdfunding platform, was authorized on June 12, to operate with the new regulation.

The platform aims to support the world of art, especially Italian, through projects to enhance the works and therefore the artists themselves. The projects are financed through peer-to-peer loans with interest rates from 3.3 to 8% and with a duration of typically 36 months.

From 2022 to November 2023, before the interruption due to the authorization process, the platform helped finance 126 artistic projects for over 1.3 million, with an average collection of just under €14,000 per project.

Source: https://born2invest.com/articles/crowdfunding-platforms-authorized-consob/



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