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Ian Lowe from Dacxi discusses volatility, energy consumption and the emergence of sovereign coins. What does it all mean for for the future of DeFi?

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This week Elon Musk announced that Tesla was purchasing $1.5bn worth of bitcoin, and intends to accept bitcoin as a form of payment. The market reacted rapturously, flying to an all-time high over $48,200 appreciating a jaw-dropping 20% in one day, a record single-day dollar growth. What this news means for the crypto industry more broadly, cannot be underestimated. It is praise indeed that one of the world’s richest men backs crypto, particularly one whose business ethos is to be a renegade thinker pushing the boundaries of mankind itself! …

Financial institutions and the cryptocurrency have a long and complex history, marked by mutual mistrust and misunderstanding. On the one hand, for banks, asset managers and hedge funds, I can appreciate that the new kid on the block can be seen as a plucky upstart intent on “eating their lunch”. The crypto industry seeks to be the anthesis of banking: decentralized, immune to government interference, truly global, significantly more efficient and, allegedly, more democratic. It has been a fascinating time to watch the relationship change from that or arch enemies to enthusiastic bedfellows.

Let us cast our minds back to…

Owning cryptocurrency can feel a bit like riding a roller coaster. It goes up, it goes down, and just when you think things are calm, round again we go. The volatility is framed by the media as the bogeyman: every time crypto goes up solidly, the underinformed and poorly researched journalists in mainstream media vociferously protest “BUBBLE” at the top of their lungs, and anytime crypto corrects you’ll hear at similar volume “BUST” with mock horror.

Recently months have certainly seen some hairy times for crypto. Between the 26th October, and the 8th January, bitcoin climbed a phenomenal 200% to…

It has been an odd year for recruiting; trying to find amazing team members without physically meeting them is a tall order. So much of our communication, up to 93%, is non-verbal, so reading body language, checking for emotional intelligence, and working out potential culture fit, via zoom can be challenging! Pre COVID I joined Dacxi last year after 3 rounds of interviews, including a 5-hour chat in Heathrow Terminal 5. The rest, as they say, is history!

In better news, the long-term working from home, and generally less obsession with “presenteeism” in offices, means that the net is cast…

This week saw the start of the third UK lockdown, and the closure of all schools — at 12 hours’ notice! Along with around 8 million families in the UK who have dependent children, I have spent this week trying to combine home schooling with a demanding full-time job. There is little doubt we are in some very challenging economic times, and therefore this is clearly a leviathan problem both for businesses and for parents.

I am privileged to lead an online group called Women Who Crypto, where we spend a fair amount of time discussing the best way to…

As my 22nd blog and final blog posting for this year, it seemed fitting to draw some conclusions on the year.

I’m not sure I can avoid stating the obvious: for most people it has been a truly dreadful year in the UK. Deaths from coronavirus total 67,000. Unemployment stands at 1.69million. The bill for coronavirus stands, so far, at £280bn. Christmas, for those people who like me, are in tier 4, has been cancelled at a few days’ notice. …

As a leader and people manager, I am fascinated by the culture of successful companies. I was lucky enough to read Jim Collins’ “Good to Great” fairly early in my career, which looked at 1,435 companies, and found that the most important ingredient in companies that truly thrived was a strong corporate culture. This was not just a “nice to have”, it had a fundamental effect on the bottom line, with the average stock market performance over 15 years being nearly 7x higher. Whilst the book is now nearly 20 years old, its advice has stood the test of time…


Dacxi is a fintech company pioneering crowd finance, with a mission to change the lives of everyone with new wealth opportunities. Welcome!

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